Our Values

In France

Located in the middle of Basse-Normandie, Remade's industrial site covers 2 hectares.
We promote our human capital with our own training centre and all our competences work internally, without outsourcing.

An expertise

Remade has focused on a mobile refurbishing process based on reconstructing and recycling every original parts.
Our technology relies on the competence of men and women in the heart of High-Tech industry.

A label of quality

Remade's products and services are labeled and guaranteed according to ISO norms:
ISO9001 - ISO14001.
We certify the exclusive use of recycled parts in our factories.

our activity

Expand internationally.
Diversifying products.
Establish the reputation of the brand Remade.

our activity

Master the costs.
Secure strategic positions.

our processes

Strengthen our internal controls.
To acquire method and rigor.
Strengthen the protection of our data
and the data of our customers.


Support and train new hires.
Give priority to internal evolution.
Promote the well-being of our employees.
Improve employee safety.