Our values


In France

Located in the heart of the French region of Basse Normandie,
Remade’s industrial production site covers over 2 hectares.
All our activities are managed internally and not outsourced.


Remade’s expertise consists of more than 350 specialists in electronics and
new digital technologies, recycling and refurbishing mobile devices.
Our expertise is based on the skills of people at the heart of a cutting edge industry.

A mark of quality

Remade products and services are labelled and guaranteed in accordance with the following ISO standards:
ISO9001 - ISO14001 - ISO27001*.
We are committed to using only recycled original components in our factories.

*Undergoing certification

One organisation

Two secure production sites.
Two laboratories and fully-equipped clean rooms.
Modern offices which encourage pride in our company.


The management team, led by Matthieu MILLET, sets out an ambitious growth strategy based on our values of innovation,
enterprise and efficiency.
Specialist managers inspire this dynamic state of mind
in each of our areas of expertise.
Our R&D department is in constant development.


Our tools provide for a huge production capacity.
IT department developed internally, flexible and dedicated.
Up-to-date and cutting edge equipment.